Mil-Fest Shop is the official supplier of merchandise for Sapperfest aimed at bringing former service personnel back together every year for a stress busting weekend.

*** Mil-Fest Shop supplies ‘MOD Officially Licensed Products’ ***

The Rugby Shirts they supply are sublimated, which means they are made from breathable material and the design is actually within the material. You can wash and iron them and the design won’t be damaged. They are UK made.

They can also make custom tops, you can send them you design and they will get them made, this means that you can have your Squadron emblems or even Harbour Area logos and text made up.

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Bernie’s Plaques supplies MOD officially licensed hot cast bronze plaques in both round and square designs. Choose your regimental cap badge, naval unit or air force unit. Bronze figurines and door knockers are also available.

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T.S. Catering supplies the masses with a huge selection of good food.

Chips, burgers, hotdogs, breakfast, steak canadian and you can add cheese for extra flavour. Special on the menu for Sappers – chicken gyros
Try their gourmet burgers and hotdogs too.
Oh yes and strong coffee – you can bring your own cups and plates if you like!!
Who can manage the quad burger???
Fastest so far is 6 minutes 10 seconds. Go on they dare you??
Banjo to go mate!!

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Insignia CNC supplies MOD officially licensed products bearing Army Insignia. They also offer a bespoke machining service supplying one-off’s or batch runs with volume discounts and no set up costs. Products can be fabricated from timber and soft metals. Please contact them to discuss your requirements.

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