What is Sapperfest

Sapperfest was built from a desire to hold a Royal Engineer reunion for everyone, and not in a hotel with blazers and Sgts mess rules. (nothing stopping you wearing your blazer.. might get muddy though)

So we have a Squadron Smoker in a field where you ‘Bring Your Own’ for a weekend.

It is for anyone who wore a Royal Engineer cap badge (or Royal Monmouthshire) excluding army cadets. No wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends or dogs.

You will immerse yourself back in the days when you ‘were in’ with people who you have never met… but you will happily find that you have a connection somewhere along your past.

You will also be on a high for months after the event.

We created a Community Interest Company (CIC) instead of a Charity as we make a profit from entrance fees. This profit, as stipulated by the Company Regulations, belongs to the designated Community.

The ‘Community’ that we submitted to Companies House, was audited and accepted under the guidance rules for a CIC, is former Royal Engineers… that’s you. You own Sapperfest CIC and Sapperfest CIC works for you.

The assets and profit go towards next year’s Sapperfest. Bigger field, more marquees, better bands and so on.

The Army v Navy is great but doesn’t last long enough.

Sapperfest lasts 3 days!

See you all there.